The 2002 Taipei International Statistical Symposium
and Bernoulli Society EAPR Conference

We will arrange a one-day trip around northern Taiwan on July 11, 2002.

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2002 Taipei Symposium
c/o Institute of 
Statistical Science,
Academia Sinica,
Taipei 11529,
Taiwan, R.O.C.



Taiwan is a subtropical island on west edge of the Pacific Ocean. It is 386km long from tip to tip and 140km wide at its broadest points. The busiest air routes cross here. Hills and mountain cover two-thirds of the island. The highest, Mt. Jade, of 3950m (12,996 feet) is the loftiest peak in Northeast Asia. With mild climate, it is suitable for sightseeing.
However, it is usually hot and humid in the summer. The average low temperature in July is about 24 Celsius degrees (75.2 Fahrenheit degrees) and the high temperature is usually 33 Celsius degrees (91.4 Fahrenheit degrees). The humidity is very high, sometimes over 80% or 90% in July. Light clothes, sun glasses or straw hats, and umbrellas are suggested for traveling Tai
wan in July.

We will arrange a one-day trip around northern Taiwan on July 11, 2002. The tour costs US $35 (including lunch and two admission fees) per person. If you are interested it, please book it at the time when you register the symposium. We also provide some other view-points introduction.


One-day trip line:


Academia Sinica Chiufen Mountain City Yehliu Scenic Special Area Tamshui Fisherman Wharf Academia Sinica


The view-points introduction in Taipei City.


National Parks introduced below locate all over Taiwan, and we just do a brief introduction to them. You should have a more than 2 days vacation to set up a tour (except the tour to Yangmingshan National Park).


The national parks introduction in Taiwan.


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