The 2002 Taipei International Statistical Symposium
and Bernoulli Society  EAPR Conference

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2002 Taipei Symposium
c/o Institute of 
Statistical Science,
Academia Sinica,
Taipei 11529,
Taiwan, R.O.C.


The current exchange rate is 1 US dollar to about 35 NT (New Taiwan currency), varying according to the market.

1 . CKS Airport <--> Academia Sinica: 

arrowwht.gif (132 bytes) By taxi: It costs about NT$1,300-1,400.

arrowwht.gif (132 bytes) By bus: CKS Airport <--> Taipei Main (Railway) Station

             The journey time is about 1 hour in moderate traffic.

                  arrowwht.gif (132 bytes) Taiwan Bus Corp. (Kuokuang Line): It costs about NT$110.

                  arrowwht.gif (132 bytes) Toward You Air Bus:  It costs about NT$100.

             And transfer bus No. 205, 212, 276 to Academia Sinica.


2 . Taipei Main (Railway) Station <--> Academia Sinica

     arrowwht.gif (132 bytes) By taxi:

It costs about NT$375-425. The rate for taxi is NT$70 for the first 1.5 kilometers and NT$5 for each additional 350 meters. A 20% surcharge is added between 11 P.M. and 6 A.M.


     arrowwht.gif (132 bytes)By bus:

Bus fee is NT$15 within the same district and is NT$30 for crossing district. For example, Taipei Main Station to Academia Sinica is NT$30. It can be reached by No. 205, 212, 276.

       arrowwht.gif (132 bytes) By MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit, subway): 

It costs NT $25 for Taipei Main Station <--> Kunyang Station and take buses No. 212, 270 or Blue 25.

Kunyang Station <--> Academia Sinica: Bus fare is NT$15.

3 . Taxi-calling service:

It is offered at the counter of Activity Center, Academia Sinica.

Tel: 886-2-2783-3388.


4 . Map

Location of Academia Sinica at Northern Taiwan

Location of Academia Sinica in Taipei

Location of Academia Sinica at Nankang

Map of Academia Sinica