The 2002 Taipei International Statistical Symposium
and Bernoulli Society  EAPR Conference

  The submission dates are from 15 January 2002 to 31 March 2002.

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2002 Taipei Symposium
c/o Institute of 
Statistical Science,
Academia Sinica,
Taipei 11529,
Taiwan, R.O.C.




Call for Papers:


Your contributed papers for topics on symposium are appreciated. All contributed papers will be screened. Topics will include: 


Analysis of Complex Biomedical Data


Brain Image

Data Mining

Design of Experiments 

Ecological Statistics

Financial Econometrics 

Functional/Longitudinal Data Analysis

Industrial Statistics

Measurement Error Models 

Multivariate Analysis

Nonparametric Inference

Spatial and Environmental Statistics

Statistical Computation and Visualization

Statistical Methods in Computational Biology

Statistical Topics in Quantitative Finance

Statistics in Risk Management

Time Series Analysis: Theory and Applications


Diffusion Process and Stochastic Analysis

Infinite Dimensional Stochastic Analysis

Interacting Particle System

Limit Theorems

Mathematical Finance

Neural Network

Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms

Theory of Stochastic Processes


The submission dates are from 15 January 2002 to 31 March 2002.  

If you want to submit abstract or  complete research papers, please use publishes template.



The IMS Bulletin now publishes all abstracts in TeX, using templates which are widely available in both plain TeX and LaTeX.

Tex and Latex templates and examples are available via Email as described in the Bulletin as well as being available via the World Wide Web at IMS.

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