Call for submissions for a special issue on
"Data Privacy"

Privacy concerns bring many new challenges to the collection, storage, and analysis of modern datasets containing sensitive personal information, and data privacy has been an important research area in the intersection of statistics, computer science, social science, and public health, among others. In this Special Issue, we welcome contributions in all aspects of statistical data privacy, including theory, methodology, and applications. A broad range of topics will be considered, including statistical disclosure control, differential privacy, and their applications in related fields such as adaptive data analysis and algorithmic fairness. 

The special issues will be published only in online versions, with exactly the same style, editing, peer review process, and publication standard as the regular versions. The only difference will be that the publisher will not print the hard copies to be sent to hard-copy subscribers. The special issue will only publish original results. An extended version of a conference paper (eg. with proofs and simulations filled in) will not be considered original. If a submission is closely related to a conference paper, then that conference paper must be cited as existing literature, and the new submission must clearly explain its difference and novelty.

During submission, please mark clearly in your cover letter that the manuscripts are for the theme topic of "Data Privacy." Papers submitted by August 15th would be given full consideration. If there is any question, please reach out to the guest editors of the special issue (Jing Lei, Aleksandra Slavkovic, and Linjun Zhang) using the email