Volume 6   Number 4   October 1996

Posterior predictive assessment of model fitness via realized discrepancies---------
   -------------------------------------------- Gelman, A., Meng, X.-L. and Stern, H. 733
   Comment: Utility, sensitivity analysis, and cross-validation in 8ayesian model-
   checking--------------------------------------------------------------- Draper, D. 760
   Comment--------------------------------------------------------------- Hill, B. M. 767
   Comment--------------------------------------------- Kass, R. E. and Wasserman, L. 774
   Comment: Posterior predictive assessment for data subsets in hierarchical--------
   models via MCMC----------------------------------- Lewis, S. M. and Raftery, A. E  779
   Comment: On posterior predictive p-values---------------------------- Rubin, D. B. 787
   Comment-------------------------------------------- Weerahandi, S. and Tsui, K.-W. 792
   Rejoinder----------------------------------- Gelman, A., Meng, X.-L. and Stern, H. 796
Asymptotics for a 2 x 2 table with fixed margins ------------- Kou, S. G and Ying, Z. 809
Simulating ratios of normalizing constants via a simple identity:
A theoretical exploration------------------------------- Meng, X. -L. and Wong, W. H. 831
Penalized likelihood hazard estimation: A general procedure ------------------ Gu, C. 861
The minimum distance method in nonlinear random coefficient models ---------- Liu, J. 877
Sequential fixed size confidence regions for regression parameters in generalized
   linear models ---------------------------------------------------- Chang, Y.-C. I. 899
On consistency in parameter spaces of expanding dimension: An pplication of the
inverse function theorem ----------------------- Strawderman, R. L and Tsiatis, A. A  917
Sharp-optimal and adaptive estimation for heteroscedastic nonparametric regression
   ----------------------------------------------------Efromovich, S. and Pinsker, M. 925
The geometrical ergodicity of nonlinear autoregressive models-----------------------
   -------------------------------------------------------- An, H. Z. and Huang, F C. 943
Distribution theory of runs and patterns associated with a sequence of multi-state--
   trials ------------------------------------------------------------------ Fu, J C. 957
An infinite series of adjusted orthogonal designs with replication two -- Bagchi, S.  975
A class of optimal row-column designs with some empty cells ------------- Saharay, R. 989
Further aspects of sequential unbiased estimation of the number of classes----------
   ----------------------------------------------------------------- Christman, M. C. 997
A simple nonnegative boundary correction method for kernel densitY estimation-------
   ------------------------------------------------------- Jones,M.C. and Foster,P.J. 1005

1996 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405