Volume 5   Number 1   January 1995

EM and related algorithms

A quasi-Newton acceleration  of the EM algorithm ---------------------------- Lange K. 1
ML estimation of the t distribution using EM and its extensions,ECM and ECME--------
   ------------------------------------------------------ Liu, C. H. and Rubin, D. B. 19
Convergence in norm for alternating expectation-maximization (EM) type algorithms---
   --------------------------------------------------- Hero, A. O. and Fessler, J. A. 41
Maximum likelihood estimation via the ECM algorithm computing the asymptotic var 
   iance------------------------------ van Dyk, D. A. , Meng, X. -L. and Rubin, D: B. 55
The iterative image space reconstruction algorithm (ISRA) as an alternative to the
EM  algorithm for solving positive linear inverse problems--------------------------
   ------------------------------------------Archer, G. E. B. and Titterington, D. M. 77
EM for longitudinal data from multiple studies----- Fellingham, G. W. and Wise, M. D. 97

Bootstrap and resampling methods

Stein confidence sets and the bootstrap ------------------------------------ Beran,R. 109
Some statistical mean value theorems related to the bootstrap-----------------------
   --------------------------------------------------------- Chao,M. T. and Lo, S. H. 129
On bootstrap procedures for second-order accurate confidence limits in parametric 
   models ----------------------------------------- DiCiccio, T. J. and Romano, J. P. 141
Fieller's problems and resampling techniques ------------------------ Hwang, J. T. G  161


Assessing geometric integrity through spherical regression techniques---------------
   ----------------------------------------- Chapman, G. R. , Chen, G. and Kim. P. T. 173
   Comment:An industry view of coordinate measurement data analysis--- Hulting, F. L. 191
   Comment:Some local linear models for the assessment of geometric integrity-------
   ------------------------------------------------------------------- Rivest, L. -P. 204
   Comment-------------------------------------------------------------- Tsui, K. -L. 210
   Rejoinder--------------------------------- Chapman,G. R. , Chen, G. and Kim, P. T. 215
An approach to asymptotic inference for spatial point processes -------- Stein, M. L. 221
A hidden projection property of Plackett-Burman and related designs----------------
   ----------------------------------------------------- Wang, J. C. and Wu, C. F. J. 235
On time-sequential test for a class of distributions --------------------- Liu, J.-F. 251
Asymptotic properties of kernel estimators of the radon-nikodym derivative with 
   applications to discriminant analysis ------------- Gijbels, I. and Mielniczuk, J. 261
Estimation of the mean function of point processes based on panel count data--------
   --------------------------------------------------- Sun, J. and Kalbfleisch, J. D. 279
Complete classes for confidence set estimation ----------- Brown, L. D. and Cohen, A. 291
Global convergence rates of  B-spline M-estimators in nonparametric regression------
   -------------------------------------------------------------Shi, P. and Li, G. Y. 303
A lower bound for error probability in change-point estimation----------------------
   --------------------------------------------------------- Hu, I. and Rukhin, A. L. 319
Robust estimation for semiparametric exponential mixture models --------- Shen. L. Z. 333
Form of the conditional variance for stable random variables------------------------
   --------------------------------------------- Cioczek-Georges, R. and Taqqu, M. S. 351
On Bahadur asymptotic efficiency of the maximum likelihood estimator for a general
   ized semiparametric model ---------------------------------------------- Liang, H. 363
On some central and non-central multivariate chi-square distributions----- Royen , T. 373
Updating simple linear regression -------------------------------------- Klotz, J. H. 399

1995 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405