Filipe Afonso
Latest developments of the SYR software for Symbolic Data Analysis of complex and big data
Charles University in Prague
Computational issues in linear regression with interval data
Javier Arroyo Gallardo
Complutense University of Madrid
Distributions are the numbers of today: from histogram data to distributional data
University of Ljubljana
Temporal network analysis based on calculus of temporal quantities
Lynne Billard
University of Georgia
Divisive Clustering with Hausdorff Distances
Exploratory data analysis for interval compositional data
Francisco Carvalho
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE (Brazil)
Variable-Wise Kernel-Based Clustering Algorithms for Interval-Valued Data
UMR Economie publique, INRA-AgroParisTech
Displaying empirical distributions of conditional quantile estimators: an application of principal component analysis and hierarchical clustering for intervals to the cost allocation problem in agriculture
Edwin Diday
Paris Dauphine University
An overview on symbolic data analysis and some recent advances
Richard Emilion
Unversity of Orleans
Dirichlet Models in SDA
Anuska Ferligoj
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
Classifying scientific disciplines in Slovenia: An application of hierarchical clustering procedure for symbolic data
École Supérieure d'Électricité (SUPÉLEC)
The EM algorithm for interval-valued data
Manabu Ichino
Tokyo Denki University
The Data Accumulation Graph (DAG) to Visualize Multi Dimensional Symbolic Data
Jin-Tsong Jeng
National Formosa University
Implement Symbolic Data Clustering on Smart Phone
Min-Seok Kwon
Seoul National University
IntVizMap : A visualization and mapping tool for interpreting genetic interaction data
Yves Lechevallier
Clustering On Dissimilarity Matrices Set and Partitioning of Time Series
Sungyoung Lee
Seoul National University
Pancomine: An interactive multi-omics database for pancreatic cancer
Taerim Lee
Korea National Open University
Symbolic Tree for Prognosis of Hepato Cellular Carcinoma
Martin Lukusa
Feng Chia University, PhD
A Weighted Approach to Zero-Inflated Poisson Regression Models With Missing Data in Covariates.
Masahiro Mizuta
Hokkaido University
Symbolic Data Analysis for Big Data
Junji Nakano
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Visualization of aggregated symbolic data with real and categorical variables
Monique Noirhomme-Fraiture
University of Namur
The place of the user in SDA
Jungtaek Oh
kyungpook national university
On waiting time distribution of runs of ones or zeros in a Bernoulli sequence
Nobuo Shimizu
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Dissimilarity between aggregated symbolic data with real and categorical variables
Rosanna Verde
Second University of Naples
Dimensional reduction of numerical probabilistic symbolic data
Cheng Wang
BeiHang University
Mapreduce for Sampling based Histogram PCA on Multicore
Tsaipei Wang
National Chiao Tung University
Clustering People in Video
Department of Mathematics, Tamkang University
Dimension reduction and visualization of histogram data using sliced inverse regression
Hiroshi Yadohisa / Ikufumi Takagi
Doshisha University
Constrained VPCA for interval-valued data
Chung Yuan Christian University
Exponential-type Robust Clustering and its Applications to Interval Data