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3.Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, respects and aims to protect your privacy and personal information, and we hereby inform you of the follows in accordance with Article 8 of the Taiwan Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) for the requirements of registration to the Seminar, Conference on Experimental Design and Analysis 2023.
1. Purposes of Collection: To organize the seminar and to contact with the applicants about the important information.
2. Personal Information Categories: First name, Last name, Title, Institution / Organizaion, Department, E-mail Address, Country, Status, Lunch Box, and Vegetarian.
3. Time Period, Area, Target and the Way of Use and Processing of Personal Information:
(1)Time period: During the seminar is held.
(2)Area: Only for the territory of Republic of China, Taiwan.
(3)Target and the Way of Use and Processing of Personal Information: Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, will use your personal information to make a seminar badge, check-in tables, meal ordering, and the contact with you for important information.

4. Rights under the PIPL; Way to Exercise. With regard to your own personal information, subject to the applicable laws, you are entitled to:
(1) Make inquiries or request for a review.
(2) Request for supplements or corrections, but you should provide appropriate explanation according to the laws.
(3) Request for discontinuation of collection, processing or use of your own personal information, and request for deleting the same, but Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica may not follow your request in accordance with the laws in case that is necessary for Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica to perform its duties or conduct its business.

5. Consequences for Non-provision of Information: Failure to provide necessary personal information may result in important information not being available to provided to you and you are registered unsuccessfully.