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2019 Symposium on
Statistical Science in
Biomedicine and Public Health

December 23th(Mon.)

環境變遷研究大樓 一樓1004會議室
Conference Hall 1004, 1F,
Environmental Changes Research Building
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
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Chia-Hui Huang

Associate Professor
Department of Statistics,
National Chengchi University

Yen-Tsung Huang

Associate Research Fellow
Institute of Statistical Science,
Academia Sinica


December 23th(Monday) 2019

  • 09:00~10:00


  • 10:00~10:10

    Opening Ceremony

    Chun-houh Chen

    Research Fellow & Director of Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica.

  • 10:10~11:00

    Chair: Chao A. Hsiung

    Speaker: Mei-Chiung Shih

    AbstractComplex Innovative Trial Designs for Learning VA Healthcare System

  • 11:20~12:10

    Chair: I-Shou Chang

    Speaker: Tze Leung Lai

    AbstractContextual Multi-Armed Bandits, with Applications to Precision Medicine and Health, Dynamic Treatment Strategies, and Reinforcement Learning Healthcare Systems

  • 14:00~14:40

    Chair: Hsin-Chou Yang

    Speaker: Yen-Tsung Huang

    AbstractCausal Mediation of Hepatitis B and C on Mortality via Liver Cancer

  • 14:40~15:20

    Chair: Hsin-Chou Yang

    Speaker: Ta-Chien Chan

    AbstractA Geo-spatial Approach to Precision Public Health

  • 15:40~16:20

    Chair: Yi-Hau Chen

    Speaker: Chin Fu Hsiao

    AbstractUse of Modified Probability Interval Method for Efficacy and Toxicity Assessments in Early Phase Trials

  • 16:20~17:00

    Chair: Yi-Hau Chen

    Speaker: Chia-Hui Huang

    AbstractSemiparametric Copula-based Analysis for Treatment Effects in the Presence of Treatment Switching

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