Workshop for Junior Researchers
on Analytic and Enumerative Aspects
of Combinatorics

Date: OCT. 30 (Mon) ~ OCT. 31 (Tue) , 2017

Venue:Room 122,
    Research Center for Information Technology Innovation,
    Academia Sinica, Taiwan (資訊科技創新研究中心)

Organizer: Hsien-Kuei Hwang ( Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica )


Registration deadline: OCT. 15 (Sun), 2017


  • Session 1

    Emma Yu JIN

    Vienna University of Technology

    Strips, thickened strips and skew Schur determinants

  • Session 2

    Matthieu Dien

    Academia Sinica

    Concurrent processes and combinatorics of increasing structures

  • Session 3

    Guan-Ru Yu

    Vienna University of Technology

    Random maps and their pattern occurrences

  • Session 4

    Charles Burnette

    Academia Sinica

    Abelian Squares and Their Progenies

  • Session 5

    Chan-Liang Chung

    Academia Sinica

    On the evaluation of 3-2 zeta star value and a sum formula of MZSVs

  • Session 6

    Sergey Dovgal

    University Paris 13

    Statistical properties and random generation of closed lambda terms with de Bruijn indices

  • Session 7

    Ariel Paningbatan

    National Chiao Tung University

    Nodes of Different Depths and Path-length in Random Binary Search Trees