@ Most Accessed Papers over the last 3 years

Statistica Sinica announces the most accessed articles on Jan. 1st every year. Top 10 articles are determined based on the records of paper accesses over the last three years.

  1. Drug shelf-life estimation
    Jun Shao and Shein-Chung Chow
    Vol.11, No.3, 737-745 (Year 2001)
  2. The examination of residual plots
    Chih-Ling Tsai, Zongwu Cai and Xizhi Wu
    Vol.8, No.2, 445-465 (Year 1998)
  3. Pseudo- R2 in logistic regression model
    Bo Hu, Jun Shao and Mari Palta
    Vol.16, No.3, 847-860 (Year 2006)
  4. Sequential analysis: some classical problems and new challenges
    Tze Leung Lai
    Vol.11, No.2, 303-408 (Year 2001)
  5. Statistical evaluations of dissolution similarity
    Mi-chia Ma, Ru-pyng Lin and Jen-pei Liu
    Vol.9, No.4, 1011-1027 (Year 1999)
  6. Modeling covariance matrices in terms of standard deviations and correlations, with application to shrinkage
    John Barnard, Robert McCulloch and Xiao-Li Meng
    Vol.10, No.4, 1281-1311 (Year 2000)
  7. Selecting the working correlation structure in generalized estimating equations with application to the lung health study
    Wei Pan and John E. Connett
    Vol.12, No.2, 475-490 (Year 2002)
  8. Two-way anova with unequal cell frequencies and unequal variances
    Malwane M. A. Ananda and Samaradasa Weerahandi
    Vol.7, No.3, 631-646 (Year 1997)
  9. ML estimation of the t distribution using EM and its extensions, ECM and ECME
    Liu, C. H. and Rubin, D. B
    Vol.5, No.1, 19-39 (Year 1995)
  10. Statistical applications of the poisson-binomial and conditional bernoulli distributions
    Sean X. Chen and Jun S. Liu
    Vol.7, No.4, 875-892 (Year 1997)