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Statistica Sinica 9(1999), 1011-1027


Mi-chia Ma$^*$, Ru-pyng Lin$^*$ and Jen-pei Liu$^{*\dagger}$

$^*$National Cheng-kung University and $^\dagger$National Health Research Institutes

Abstract: Statistical properties of several criteria for assessment of similarity between two dissolution profiles are investigated. These include the similarity factor $f_{2}$, and metrics based on the mean squared distance and the mean absolute difference. The probability density function of $f_{2}$ and its first two moments are derived under the assumption of multivariate normality, with special attention to compound symmetry covariance structure. The intractable nature of the distribution of $f_{2}$ is demonstrated. Empirical results from a large simulation study are also presented. Advantages and drawbacks of proceduces based on the mean absolute difference and mean squared distance are discussed.

Key words and phrases: Dissolution, similarity factor.

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