Volume 9   Number 4   October  1999
Statistical Methods and Applications in Bio-medical Research
Repeated significance tests of a multi-parameter in survival analysis----
   ----------------------------Chang, I.-S., Hsiung, C. A. and Hwang, L.-C.   913
On the bias of estimation of a Brownian motion drift following  group 
  sequential tests---------------------------------Li, Z. and DeMets, D. L.   923
Bias correction in group sequential analysis with correlated data--------
   ---------------------------------------------Qu, R. P. and DeMets, D. L.   939
Consistent estimation in Cox proportional hazards model with covariate 
   measurement errors--------------------------------Kong, F. H. and Gu, M.   953
Linear rank tests for competing risks model-------Hu, X. S. and Tsai, W. Y.   971
Comparing two treatments with multiple competing risks endpoints---------
   ---------------------------------------------Luo, X. and Turnbull, B. W.   985
Gap time bias in incident and prevalent cohorts-----------------Wang, M.-C.   999
Statistical evaluations of dissolution similarity------------------------
   ------------------------------------Ma, M.-C., Lin, R.-P. and Liu, J.-P.  1011

General Finitely generated cumulants--------------------Pistone, G. and Wynn, H. P. 1029 Robust designs for fitting linear models with misspecification--------- ----------------------------------------Yue, R.-X. and Hickernell, F. J. 1053 Generalized resolution and minimum aberration criteria for Plackett-Burman and other nonregular factorial designs----------Deng, L.-Y. and Tang, B. 1071 Universally optimal designs for computer experiments-----------------Xu, H. 1083 Nonlinear censored regression-------------------------------------Stute, W. 1089 Geometric ergodicity of nonlinear time series-------------------------- ----------------------------------------Cline, D. B. H. and Pu, H.-M. H. 1103 On the stationarity and the existence of moments of conditional heteroscedastic ARMA models-------------------------------------Ling, S. 1119 Multiple hypotheses testing with partial prior information--------Zhang, J. 1131

1999 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405