Volume 9   Number 2   April 1999
Inference from Complex Survey Data
A stochastic system for modeling labor force series of small areas---------
   -----------------------------------------Hawang,J.-S. and Dempster, A. P.  297
An empirical Bayes prediction interval for the finite population mean
   of a small area-----------------------------------------------Nandram, B.  325
Methodology for pooling subpopulation regressions when sample sizes are
   small and there is uncertainty about which subpopulations are similar      
   -----------------------------------------------Evans, R. and Sedransk, J.  345
Inference with survey data imputed by hot deck when imputed values are
   nonidentifiable-------------------------------------Chen, Y. and Shao, J.  361
A pseudo empirical likelihood approach to the effective use of auxiliary
   information in complex surveys-----------------Chen, J. and Sitter, R. R.  385
Density estimation from complex surveys--Bellhouse D. R. and Stafford, J. E.  407
Accounting for non-Gaussian measurement error in complex survey estimators
   of distribution functions and quantiles--------------------Eltinge, J. L.  425

General Variance of quadrature over scrambled unions of nets--------------Yue, R.-X.  451 Model selection for nonparametric regression------------------------Yang, Y.  475 Asymptotic properties of nonparametric estimation based on partly    interval-censored data------------------------------------------Huang, J.  501 Asymptotic representations for kernel density and hazard function    estimators with left truncation----------------------------------Zhou, Y.  521 A new method for approximating the asymptotic variance of Spearman's    rank correlation-------------------------------------------Borkowf, C. B.  535 Multi-step prediction for nonlinear autoregressive models based on    empirical distributions--------------------Guo, M., Bai, Z. and An, H. Z.  559 Domain splitting in regression analysis-------Muller, H. G. and  Zhao, P.-L.  571 Orthogonal arrays obtained by orthogonal decomposition of projection    Matrices-----------------------------------Zhang, Y., Lu, Y. and Pang, S.  595 A resolution rank criterion for supersaturated designs---------------------    ------------------------------Deng. L.-Y.,  Lin, D. K. J. and Wang, J. N.  605

1999 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405