Volume 9   Number 1   January  1999
Wavelets and Their Statistical Applications
Asymptotic Minimaxity of Wavelet Estimators with Sampled Data--------------
   ----------------------------------------Donoho, D. L. and Johnstone, I. M.    1
On the minimax optimality of block thresholded wavelet estimators----------
   --------------------------------Hall, P., Kerkyacharian, G.and Picard, D.    33
Wavelet shrinkage for correlated data and inverse problems: Adaptivity-----
  results----------------------------------------------------Johnstone, I. M.   51
Adaptation to high spatial inhomogeneity using wavelet methods-------------
   -------------------------------Fan, J., Hall, P., Martin, M. and Patil, P.   85
Change-points via wavelets for indirect data-------------------------Wang, Y.  103
Wavelet shrinkage estimation of certain Poisson intensity signals using
   corrected thresholds---------------------------------------Kolaczyk, E. D.  119
Density estimation by wavelet-based reproducing kernels----------Huang, S.-Y.  137
The wavelet identification of thresholds and time delay of threshold
   autoregressive models-----------------------------------Li, Y. and Xie, Z.  153
Subset-selection and ensemble methods for wavelet de-noising---------------
   ---------------------------------Bruce, A. G., Gao, H.-Y. and Stuetzle, W.  167
A Bayesian decision theoretic approach to the choice of thresholding
  parameter-------------------------------------Ruggeri, F. and Vidakovic, B.  183

General Rank estimating equations for partial spline model with monotonicity-----    -------------------------------------------------Chen, C.-C. and Hsieh, F.  199 A class of nonparametric K-sample tests for semi-Markov counting    processes---------------------Chang, I.-S., Chuang, Y.-C. and Hsiun, C. A.  211 Nonparametric estimation of the survival function based on censored data    with additional observations from the residual life distribution-------    ----------------------------------Kvam, P. H., Singh, H. and Tiwari, R. C.  229 An asymptotically honest prediction set for the multivariate regression model    when the response is measured with error-----Huang, S. Y. H. and Huwang L.  247 On the construction of Gm-optimal designs------------Song, D. and Wong, W. K.  263 Bootstrap choice of cost complexity for better subset selection----Rao, J. S.  273 Strong consistency of least squares estimate in multiple regression    when the error variance is infinite--------------------Jin M. and Chen, X.  289

1999 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405