Volume 8   Number 3   July  1998
Model indexing and smoothing parameter selection in nonparametric function estimation
   --------------------------------------------------------------------Gu, C.  607
   Comment-------------------------------------------------------Jones, M. C.  624
   Comment-------------------------------------------------------Scott, D. W.  629
   Comment----------------------------------------------------------Wahba, G.  632
   Rejoinder-----------------------------------------------------------Gu, C.  638

Educational Testing
Detection of differential item functioning using Lagrange multiplier tests
   ------------------------------------------------------------Glas, C. A. W.  647
Establishing score comparability in heterogeneous populations--------Liou, M.  669
Constrained latent class analysis using the Gibbs sampler and posterior
   predictive P-values: Applications to educational testing------Hoijtink, H.  691
Some statistical and logical considerations when rescoring tests------------
   -------------------------------------------Bradlow, Eric T. and Wainer, H.  713
Maximum likelihood estimation of factor analysis using the ECME algorithm 
   with complete and incomplete data-----------------Liu, C. and Rubin, D. B.  729
Analysis of two-level structural equation models via EM type algorithms-----
   ------------------------------------------------Lee, S.-Y. and Poon, W.-Y.  749

Robust and Nonparametric Multivariate Methods
Operating transformation retransformation on spatial median and angle test
   --------------------------------Chakraborty, B., Chaudhuri, P. and Oja, H.  767
Affine invariant multivariate rank tests for several samples----------------
   ---------------------------Hettmansperger, T. P., Mottonen, J. and Oja, H.  785
Nonparametric tests for the multivariate multi-sample location problem----
   -------------------------------------------------Um, Y. and Randles, R. H.  801
Bivariate QQ-Plots and spider web plots-------------------------Marden, J. I.  813
Constructing the bivariate Tukey median--------- Rousseeuw, P.J. and Ruts, I.  827
Penalized minimum disparity methods for multinomial models----------------
   -----------------------------------------------------Basu, A. and Basu, S.  841

Asymptotic properties of the empirical BLUP and BLUE in mixed linear models
   -----------------------------------------------------------------Jiang, J.  861
Comparison of bootstrap and asymptotic approximations to the distribution of 
   a heavy-tailed mean-------------------------------Hall, P. and Jing, B.-Y.  887
Cross-validation and median criterion---------------Zheng, Z. G. and Yang, Y.  907
Bayesian estimation of the number of change points-----------------Lee, C.-B.  923
Bias correction for censored data with exponential lifetimes----------------
   -------------------------------Pettitt, A. N., Kelly, J. M. and Gao, J. T.  941
Selecting Latin hypercubes using correlation criteria----------------Tang, B.  965
A-optimal designs for an additive quadratic mixture model-------------------
   -------------------------------- Chan, L.-Y., Guan, Y.-N. and Zhang, C.-Q.  979
1998 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405