Volume 8   Number 2   April 1998
Can SIR be as popular as multiple linear regression?-----------------------
   ------------------------------------------------Chen, C.-H. and Li, K.-C.  289
Structural multivariate function estimation: some automatic density
   and hazard estimates-----------------------------------------------Gu. C.  317
On the method of penalization---------------------------------------Shen, X.  337
Estimation of quadratic functions: noninformative priors for non-centrality 
   parameters-------------------Berger, J.O., Philippe, A. and Robert, C. P.  359
Admissibility of the best invariate estimator of a discrete distribution
   function-----------------------------------------------------------Yu. Q.  377
The evaluation of confidence sets with application to binomial intervals
   ----------------------------------------------------------Edwardes, M. D.  393
Repeated significance testing with censored rank statistics in interim
   analysis of clinical trials-------------------------Gu, M. and Lai, T. L.  411
 renewal theory for perturbed Markov random walks with applications to
   sequential analysis---------------------------------------------Su, Y.-T.  429
The examination of residual plots------------Tsai, C.-L., Cai, Z. and Wu, X.  445
Marginal curvatures for functions of parameters in nonlinear regression---
   ---------------------------------------------Kang, G. and Rawlings, J. O.  467
An optimal test for the mean function hypothesis--Cheng, K. F. and Wu, J. W.  477
Iterated bootstrap prediction intervals--------------------Mojirsheibani, M.  489
A note on the stationarity and the existence of moments of the GARCH model
   ---------------------------------------------------Chen, M. and An, H. Z.  505
Approximating the mean squared prediction error in linear models under
   the family of exponential correlations----------------------------Abt, M.  511
Exact A-optimal designs for quadratic regression--------------------------
   ----------------------------------------------Chang, F.-C. and Yeh, Y.-R.  527
E-optimality for regression designs under correlations
   -----------------------------------Li, K.-H., Chan, N. N. and Wong, K.-S.  535
Analysis of covariance structures with independent and non-identically
   distributed observations------------------------Lee, S.-Y. and Shi, J.-Q.  543
On strong consistency of a 2-dimensional frequency estimation algorithm
   --------------------------------------Miao, B. Q., Wu, Y. and Zhao, L. C.  559
The Edgeworth expansions and smoothed bootstrap approximation for the
   studentized Kaplan-Meier estimator---------------- Wang, Q. and Zheng, Z.  571
Convergence rates of empirical Bayesian estimation in a class of linear
   models------------------------------------------------------------Wei, L.  589
1998 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405