Volume 8   Number 1   January 1998
Quality and Reliability Improvement
Analyzing unreplicated factorial experiments: A review with some new proposals-----
   ---------------------------------------------------Hamada, M. and Balakrishnan N.   1
   Comment----------------------------------------------------------------Benski, C.  29
   Comment-------------------------------------------------------------Haaland P. D.  31
   Comment---------------------------------------------------------------Lenth R. V.  35
   Rejoinder----------------------------------------- Hamada, M. and Balakrishnan N.  38
Exploiting the inherent structure in robust parameter design experiments-----------
   -------------------------------------------------------Bérubé, J. and Nair, V. N.  43
Noise factors, dispersion effects, and robust design-------------------------------
   ------------------------------------------------Steinberg, D. M. and Bursztyn, D.  67
Parameter design with monotone loss functions--------------------------------Hou, X.  87
Forward selection error control in the analysis of supersaturated designs----------
   -------------------------------- Westfall, P. H., Young., S. S. and Lin, D. K. J. 101
Form tolerance estimation using jackknife methods --------- Shao, J. and Tsui, K.-L. 119
Geometric quality inspection --------------------------------- Chen, G. and Chen, J. 135
The analysis of process variation transmission with multivariate measurements------
   ------------------------------------------------Fong, D. Y. T. and Lawless, J. F. 151
A statistical assessment of some software testing strategies and application of 
   experimental design techniques----------------------------------------------
   ---------------------- Nair, V. N., James, D. A., Ehrlich, W. K. and Zevallos, J. 165
Columnwise construction of response surface designs--------------------------------
   ------------------------------------------------Heavlin, W. D. and Finnegan G. P. 185
On-line procedure for terminating an accelerated degradation test------------------
   ------------------------------------------------------ Yu, H.-F. and Tseng, S.-T. 207
Fisher information matrices with censoring, truncation, and explanatory variables
   ------------------------------------------------ Escobar, L. A. and Meeker, W. Q. 221
Integrated application of the cumulative score control chart and engineering
   process control ----------------------------------------------------- Shao, Y. E. 239
Incapability index with asymmetric tolerances----------------------------Chen. K. S. 253
Max chart: combining X-bar chart and S chart ------------- Chen, G. and Cheng, S. W. 263
An alternate variables control chart: the univariate and multivariate cases--------
   ----------------------------------------------------Spiring F. A. and Cheng S. W. 273
1998 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405