Volume 7   Number 4   October  1997

Split selection methods for classification trees ----------Loh, W.-Y.and Shih, Y.-S.  815
Transformation models for interval scale grouped data with applications------------
   -------------------------------------------------------Lu, H. H.-S. and Hsieh, F.  841
WaveShrink with firm shrinkage---------------------------Gao, H.-Y. and Bruce, A. G.  855
Statistical applications of the Poisson-Binomial and conditional Bernoulli
   distributions------------------------------------------Chen, S. X. and Liu, J. S.  875
Prediction of record-breakings--------------------------Sibuya, M. and Nishimura, K.  893
Two results on multiple Stratonovich integrals------Budhiraja, A. and Kallianpur, G.  907
An extension of the Hardy-Littlewood strong law------------------------------------
   -------------------------------------------Bai, Z., Cheng, P. E. and Zhang, C.-H.  923
E(S2)-optimal supersaturated designs------------------------------------Cheng, C.-S.  929
Optimal two-stage designs for binary response experiments--------------------------
   --------------------------------------------------Sitter, R. R. and Forbes, B. E.  941
On step-up tests for comparing several treatments----------------------------Liu, W.  957
Mixed model representation of state space models: new smoothing results and their
   application to REML estimation-------------------Tsimikas, J. V. and Ledolter, J.  973
Statistical justification of combination generators-------------------------------
   --------------------------------Deng, L.-Y., Lin, D. K. J., Wang, J. and Yuan, Y.  993
A Bayesian bootstrap for finite state Markov chains--------Fuh, C. D. and Fan, T. H. 1005
Weighted degenerate U- and V-statistics with estimated parameters-------Shieh, G. S. 1021
Prediction intervals for Weibull order statistics-----------------------Hsieh, H. K. 1039
On the superiority of the Bayesian method over the BLUP in small area estimation 
   problems-------------------------------------------------Arora, V. and Lahiri, P. 1053
Empirical Bayes estimators of small area proportions in multistage designs--------
   -------------------------------Farrell, P. J., MacGibbon, B. and Tomberlin, T. J. 1065
Adaptively changing subgroup proportions in clinical trials-------------Follmann, D. 1085
Semiparametric methods in logistic regression with measurement error--------------
   ---------------------------------------------------------Wang, C. Y. and Wang, S. 1103
Asymptotically efficient nonparametric estimation with additional dichotomous 
   observations -----------------------------------Koshevnik, Y. and Schucany, W. R. 1121
Bootstrapping M-estimates in regression and autoregression with infinite variance
   ----------------------------------------------------------Davis, R. A. and Wu, W. 1135
M-type smoothing splines in nonparametric and semiparametric regression models----
   --------------------------------------------------------------Gao, J. and Shi, P. 1155
A variation on local linear regression----------------------------------Jones, M. C. 1171
1997 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405