Volume 5   Number 2   July 1995

Optimal Design of Experiments

ptimal designs for binary response experiments with two design variables-----------
   ---------------------------------------------------- Sitter, R. R. and Torsney, B. 405
On efficient designing of nonlinear experiments------Chaudhuri, P. and Mykland, P. A. 421
D-optimal designs for polynomial regression without an intercept--------------------
   --------------------------------- Huang, M. -N. L. , Chang, F. -C. and Wong, W. K. 441
Optimal designs for polynomial regression when the degree is not known--------------
   ----------------------------------------------------- Dette, H. and Studden, W. J. 459
Exact Elfving-minimax designs for quadratic regression---- Krafft, O. and Schaefe, M. 475
Optimal regression designs under random block-effects models ---------- Cheng, C. -S. 485
Designing for minimally dependent observations------- Torsney, B. and Alahmadi, A. M. 499
On E-optimal fractions of symmetric and asymmetric factorials ---------- Mukerjee, R. 515
Optimal non-binary, variance balanced designs ----------- Morgan, J. P. and Uddin, N. 535
Optimal block designs with minimal and nearly minimal number of units--------------
   ------------------------------------------------ Dey, A. , Shah, K. R. and Das, A. 547
Two-level fractional factorials and Bayesian prediction----------------------------
   -------------------------------- Mitchell, T. J. , Morris, M. D. and Ylvisaker, D. 559
Contingently and virtually balanced incomplete block designs and their efficiencies
   under various optimality criteria--- Hedayat, A. S. , Stufken, J. and Zhang, W. G. 575
Approximate information matrices for estimating a given set of contrasts-----------
   ------------------------ Kao, L. -J. , Yates, P. K. , Lewis, S. M. and Dean, A. M. 593
Optimality aspects of Agrawal's designs: part II ----- Heiligers, B. and Sinha, B. K. 599
Efficient block designs in the presence of trends----------------------------------
   --------------------------------------- Jacroux, M. , Majumdar, D. and Shah, K. R. 605

High Dimensional Data Analysis

A study of the method of principal Hessian direction for analysis of data from designed 
   experiments ----------------------------------------- Cheng, C. -S. and Li, K. -C. 617
Generalized regression trees------------------------------------------------------
   ------------------------ Chaudhuri, P. , Lo, W. -D. , LOh. W. -Y. and Yang, C. -C. 641
Binary regressors in dimension reduction models: A new look at treatment comparisons
    --------------------------------------------------- Carroll, R. J. and Li, K. -C. 667
Graphics for studying net effects of regression predictors -------------- Cook, R. D. 689
Smoothing spline density estimation: Conditional distribution ---------------- Gu, C. 709
Asymptotics of sliced inverse regression ------------------ Zhu, L. -X. and Ng, K. W. 727
An adaptive expansion method for regression ----------------------------- LeBlanc, M. 737


Poisson approximation for unbounded functions i: independent summands-------------
   ---------------------------------- Barbour, A. D. , Chen, L. H. Y. and Choi, K. P. 749
A test of quasi-independence in ordinal triangular contingency tables-------------
   -------------------------------------------------------- Tsai,M.-T. and Sen, P. K. 767
On posterior credible sets based on the score statistic-- Rao, C. R. and Mukerjee, R. 781
Group sequential methods for survival data using partial likelihood score processes
   with covariate adjustment ------------------------------------ Gu, M. and Ying, Z. 793
A unified approach to capability indices ------------------------------- Vännman, K. 805

1995 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405