Volume 4   Number 2   July 1994

Bootstrap and Resampling Methods

Maximum likelihood summary and the bootstrap method in structured finite-----------
   populations -------------------------------------------Chao, M. -T. and Lo, S.-H.  389
The bootstrap method with saddlepoint approximations and importance resampling-----
   ---------------------------------------------------------Chen Z. H. and Do K. -A.  407
Bootstrap estimates of the power of a rank test in a randomized block design-------
   --------------------------------------------------------Larocque, D. and Leger C.  423
Practical higher-order smoothing of the bootstrap------------ Lee s. and Young G. A.  445
Limit theorems for weakly dependent Hilbert space valued random variables with
   application to the stationary bootstrap ------ Politis , D. N. and Romano , J. P.  461
On exactness of the parametric double bootstrap ----------------------- Scholz F. W.  477
A concept of type-2 p-value ------------------------------ Singh, K. and Berk, R. H.  493


Nonparametric Bayesian inference from  right censored survival data using the Gibbs
   sampler ---------------------------------------------- Arjas, E. and Gasbarra, D.  505
Some results on burn-in -----------------------Block, H. W. Mi, J. and Savits, T. H.  525
A non-Gaussian Kalman filter model for tracking software reliability-------------
   ----------------------------------------------Chen, Y. P. and Singpurwalla, N. D.  535
A systems model for reliability studies -----------------------------Marshall, A. W.  549
Discrete probabilistic orderings in  reliability theory--------------------------
   ------------------------Shaked, M. , Shanthikumar, J. G. and Valdez-Torres, J. B.  567


The use of historical control data in testing for trend in counts----------------
   ------------------- Leroux, B. G. , Fung, K. Y. , Krewski, D. and Prentice, R. L.  581
Efficiency robust experimental design and estimation using a data-based prior----
   ---------------------------------------------------Toman, B. and Gastwirth, J. L.  603
An empirical Bayes confidence report------------------ George, E. I. and Casella, G.  617
A constructive definition of Dirichlet priors ----------------------- Sethuraman, J.  639
Smoothing noisy data with coiflets ---------------------------------- Antoniadis, A.  651
On fisher's bound for stable estimators with extension to the case of  Hilbert
   parameter space ------------------------------------ Zheng, Z. G. and Fang K. -T.  679
Estimation following sequential tests involving data-dependent treatment allocation
   --------------------------------------------------------------------- Coad, D. S.  693
Approximate pivots from M-estimators----------------------------------- Lloyd, C. J.  701
A new technique for improved confidence bounds for the probability of correct
   selection -------------------- Gupta, S .S. , Liao, Y. N. Qiu, C. F. and Wang, J.  715
Testing independence of  bivariate circular data and weighted degenerate
   U-statistics --------------------- Shieh, G. S. , Johnson, R. A. and Frees, E. W.  729
A multivariate process capability index over a rectangular solid tolerance zone
   ----------------------------------------------------------------------Chen, H. F.  749

1994 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405