Volume 4   Number 1   January 1994

Time Series Analysis

Nonlinear adaptive control using neural networks: Estimation with a smoothed form
   of simultaneous perturbation gradient approximation------------------------------
   ------------------------------------------------- Spall, J. C. and Cristion, J. A. 1
A comparison of order estimation procedures for ARMA models-------------------------
   ----------------------------------------------- Potscher, B. M. and Srinivasan, S. 29
On subset selection in non-parametric stochastic regression-- Yao, Q. W. and Tong, H. 51
Probabilistic properties of the ]-ARCH model------------- Guegan, D. and Diebolt, J. 71
Partial likelihood analysis of logistic regression and autoregression---------------
   ----------------------------------------------------------- Slud, E. and Kedem, B. 89
The asymptotic distributions of residual autocorrelations and related tests of fit 
   for a class of nonlinear time series models--------------------------------------
   --------------------------------------- Hwang, S. Y., Basawa, I. V. and Reeves, J. 107


The Laplacian T-approximation in Bayesian inference--------------------------------
   -----------------------------------------Leonard, T., Hsu, J. S. J. and Ritter, C. 127
Piecewise-polynomial regression trees----------------------------------------------
   -------------------------------Chaudhuri, P., Huang, M.-C., Loh, W.-Y. and Yao, R. 143
Estimation in the exponential family in the presence of nuisance parameters: 
   Compromise between bias and precision ---------------Chang, Y.-C. and Liang, K.-Y. 169
Resampling-based estimator in nonlinear regression-----------Mong, J. and Wang, X. R. 187
Empirical likelihood for generalized linear models--------------------Kolaczyk, E. D. 199
Influence of selection bias on type I error rate under random permuted block designs
   ----------------------------------------------------------------------Proschan, M. 219
A sampling plan for selecting the most reliable product under the Arrhenius 
   accelerated life test model --------------Tseng, S.-T., Huang, D.-Y. and Wu, T.-Y. 233
Some optimal nested row-column designs-------------------Chang, J. Y. and Notz, W. I. 249
Dose-response modeling of trinomial responses from developmental experiments-----
   ---------------------------------------------------------Chen, J. J. and Li, L.-A. 265
Choosing a design for straight line fits to two correlated responses-------------
   ------------------------------------------------------Kim, W. B. and Draper, N. R. 275
Analytical approximations to bootstrap distribution functions using addlepoint
   methods ---------------------------DiCiccio, T. J., Martin, M. A. and Young, G. A. 281
Penalized likelihood regression: A simple asymptotic analysis-- Gu, C. and Qiu, C. F. 297
Risk-efficient estimation of the mean of the logistic response function using the 
   Spearman-Karber estimator ------------------ Nanthakumar, A. and Govindarajulu, Z. 305
Two kinds of measures of departure from symmetry in square contingency tables 
   having nominal categories --------------------------------------------Tomizawa, S. 325
Sequential unbiased estimation of the number of classes in a population----------
   -------------------------------------------------Christman, M. C. and Nayak, T. K. 335
Asymptotically optimal sequential point estimation of the mean of an exponential 
   family ------------------------------------------------------------------Tahir, M. 353
Almost sure convergence of stochastic approximation procedures-----------------Li, G. 361
Asymptotically distribution-free multivariate rank tests for multiple samples with 
   partially incomplete observations --------------- Palesch, Y. Y. and Lachin, J. M. 373

1994 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405