Volume 3     Number 2     July 1993

Poisson Convergence

Poisson convergence in reliability of a large linearly connected system as related to
   coin tossing ------------------------------------------------------------Fu, J. C. 261
On the number of runs and related statistics--Koutras, M. V. and Papastavridis, S. G. 277
On the number of successes in independent trials--------------------------Wang, Y. H. 295
On number of occurrences of success runs of specified length in a two-state Markov 
   chain ------------------------------------------------------Hirano, K. and Aki, S. 313
Approximate reliabilities of m-consecutive-k-out-of-n: Failure systems------------
   --------------------------------------------------------------------Godbole, A. P. 321

Environmental Statistics

Modeling pulmonary function growth with regression splines------------------------
   ---------------------------------------------- Wypij, D., Pugh, M. and Ware, J. H. 329
Consumer willingness to pay to avoid pesticide residues--------------- Hammitt, J. K. 351


A Bayesian look at diagnostics in the univariate linear model---------------------
   --------------------------------------------------------- Guttman, I. and Pena, D. 367
Computational issues in the Bayesian analysis of categorical data: Log-linear and 
   Goodman's RC model ------------------------- Evans, M., Gilula, Z. and Guttman, I. 391
Decomposition of R2 in multiple regression with correlated regressors-------------
   ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Genizi, A. 407
An efficient estimation of seemingly unrelated multivariate regression models with 
   application to growth curves analysis --------------------------------- Liu, A. Y. 421
On mutually orthogonal and totally balanced sets of balanced incomplete block 
   designs with nested rows and columns ----------------- Morgan, J. P. and Uddin, N. 435
Moment bounds for deriving time series CLT's and model selection procedures-----
   ---------------------------------------------------- Findley, D. F. and Wei, C.-Z. 453
Order determination for autoregressive processes using resampling methods-------
   ----------------------- Chen, C. H., Davis, R. A., Brockwell, P. J. and Bai, Z. D. 481
A penalized maximum likelihood estimate off(0+) when f is non-increasing--------
   ----------------------------------------------------- Woodroofe, M. and Sun, J. Y. 501
Edgeworth expansions for symmetric statistics with applications to bootstrap
   methods -------------------------------------------- Lai, T. L. and Wang, J. Q. Z. 517
On the Bartlett adjustment for the partial likelihood ratio test in the Cox 
   regression model ---------------------------------------Gu, M. G. and Zheng, Z. K. 543
Nonparametric function estimation and bandwidth selection for discontinuous 
   regression functions ------------------------------------ Wu, J. S. and Chu, C. K. 557
Characterizations of the exponential distribution via the blocking time in a 
   queueing system ------------------------------------------------------- Lin, G. D. 577
Characterization results based on record values----------- Huang, W.-J. and Li, S.-H. 583
A note on Jeffreys-Lindley paradox------------------------------------- Robert, C. P. 601

1993 Statistica Sinica ISSN 1017-0405