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We thank the Guest Editors, Professor Jun Liu (Harvard University) and Professor Bin Yu (University of California at Berkeley), for their efforts in organizing this Bioinformatics Special Issue. In addition to the sixteen papers they edited, we also include a paper by Chun-Houh Chen on a novel method of clustering that has potential application in this area.

We are pleased to announce that Professor Hwai-Chung Ho (Academia Sinica) and Professor Jane-Ling Wang (University of California at Davis) have been appointed as incoming Co-Editors for the term of August 1, 2002 through July 31, 2005.

Starting on August 1, 2002, papers can be submitted in two ways, either electronically through the website of the journal or by regular mail. Electronic submission is encouraged with instructions to be posted at the following website

Alternatively, authors may mail papers in triplicate (along with a cover letter and supplementary documents if any) to

Editors, Statistica Sinica

Department of Statistics

1 Shields Avenue

The University of California

Davis, California 95616-8705


K. C. Li and Y. C. Yao


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