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Statistica Sinica 11(2001), 549-552


Dennis K. J. Lin and J. Y. Chang

The Pennsylvania State University and Idaho State University

Abstract: Orthogonality is considered to be one of the most important features for design of experiment. In this paper, we investigate orthogonal main-effect designs with cyclic structure in order to ensure the balance among all design columns. We show that such designs exist for any number of factors $(k)$ and moreover, they are not unique. An explicit form for D-efficiency of cyclic orthogonal designs is derived. It is shown that D-optimal cyclic design essentially involves minimizing the tightness of the experimental range. The minimum tightness D-optimal cyclic orthogonal designs are presented and tabulated for $k<10$.

Key words and phrases: D-optimality, Plackett and Burman designs, Regular simplex designs, T-optimality.

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