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2007 Taipei Symposium
c/o Institute of 
Statistical Science,
Academia Sinica,
Taipei 11529,
Taiwan, R.O.C.



  Regulation of Visa-Exempt Entry for Foreigners. Visa-Exempt entry.pdf

  Regulation of Landing Visas for Foreigners. Landing Visas.pdf

  If you travel to Taiwan with a passport issued by P. R. China (People's Republic China),
     please contact as soon as possible.
     Regulation:  doc pdf
     Fill out these forms, please.
     Application Form:
        1.   doc  pdf 
         2.  doc  pdf 
         3.  doc  pdf 
         4.  doc  pdf 



                       Institute of Statistical Science,

                       Academia Sinica,

                       Nakang, Taipei 11529,

                       Taiwan, R.O.C.

        收件人:Dr. Chen-Hung Kao ( Email )

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