1.      Building Height: 508 meters.

2.      World Records in 2004: ˇ§Structure Height at 508 metersˇ¨, ˇ§Highest Roof at 448 metersˇ¨, ˇ§Highest Occupied Floor at 438 metersˇ¨.

3.      ˇ§Fastest Elevators at 1010 meters per minuteˇ¨.

4.      Damper: The worldˇ¦s biggest passive wind damper, with a diameter of 5.5 meters and weighting 660 metric tons, was made cost of NT $132 million.

5.      Three Hundred Eighty Piles: TAIPEI 101ˇ¦s foundation is fortified by 308 piles driven 80 meters into the ground and 30 meters into bedrock.

6.      Double Glazing Class Curtain Walls: The buildingˇ¦s glass curtain walls can sustain impacts of 8 tons. They are safe and ecologically friendly with heat and U-V filter treatment.

7.      Emergency Power Supply: In case of power shutdown, the building has emergency power supply that can provide up to 70% of the buildingˇ¦s power needs.

8.      Earthquake Resistance: The buildingˇ¦s structure has been designed to withstand biggest earthquake in 2500 year cycle.

9.      Wind Resistance: The structure can withstand gale winds of 60 meters per second.

10.  Fire Safety Facilities: All floor are equipped with computerize fire prevention and extinguishing systems, safety evacuation corridors and staircases.

Traffic (start from Academia Sinica)


TAIPEI 101 Observatory is accessible via the following public buses that stop at the Taipei City Hall Station (a 10-15 minutes walk to Observatory):

212, 232, 261, 266, 270, 281, 32, 51, 537, 629, 669, 910, Shuttle Bus 2, Blue 10, Blue 26, Blue 5 and Blue 7.


Blue Line (Bannan Line) to Taipei City Hall Stop. Take Exit 2. TAIPEI 101 MALL is a 10-15 minutes walk.






Children under 12

Group Ticket


For 20 persons or more

91 Outdoor Observatory


Purchase at 89F


a.  Ticket to 91F can only be purchased after issue of 89Fˇ¦s ticket.

b.  Complimentary: Children under 100 cm should be accompanied by adult.

c.  Group Ticket: Telephone reservations made 5 days in advance are required.

d.  No same day sale of Group Tickets.

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