1. Because the guest house in Activity Center will be remodeled during the
conference time, the number of rooms in guest house will be limited, we
have found another hotel, namely, the Chien Tan (Jiantan is new spelling
for the train and bus station) Overseas Youth Activity Center.  Both
Centers are served as Conference Hotels.  We will arrange shuttle buses
during the conference period.  Some details are as follows.

a. The Activity Center of Academia Sinica has double rooms and single
rooms available.  Also both of them have superior and ordinary types.
However, we only know how many double and single rooms the Center will
provide, we do not know how many of them are superior or ordinary.
When you register, you can choose the superior or ordinary, but there is
no guarantee which type you will get eventually.  We will execute the
"FIRST COMES, FIRST SERVED" policy.  In other words, we will distribute
the rooms according to your preference and the registration order.
Note that guest house does not open for the public, only to the guests
of colleagues in Academia Sinica and official conference participants (with
reduced price).

b. The Chien Tan (Jiantan) Overseas Youth Activity Center can provide only
double rooms for our large number of rooms demand.  We have negotiated
about the price.  It is a bit higher than the Center of Academia Sinica
but still affordable.  It is close (walking distance) to the subway (MRT),
which makes it easier the visit the City.  Also the Shilin (Tourist) Night
Market is within walking distance.  It will offer you a unique opportunity
to shop around the market and enjoy the different shopping style and
taste the delicious foods.

c. The Center of Academia Sinica only accepts the NT (New Taiwan) dollars.
The Chien Tan Center accepts both NT dollars and credit card.

2. There are other hotels available (please see the web).  They are
contracted hotels (with reduced price) of Academia Sinica.  The listed
prices are for 2006 and some of them might be slightly higher in 2007.
We will update the prices when they are available.

3. If you travel to Taiwan with a passport issued by P. R. China (People's Republic China),
please contact 2007symp@stat.sinica.edu.tw as soon as possible.