Yangmingshan National Park


Yangmingshan National Park, covering 11, 456 hectares, is the volcanic rock formation of a height of 200-1, 120 meters about sea level. Visitors can find charming waterfalls, picturesque lakes, terraced rice paddies, volcanic craters, steaming hot springs and, in the springtime, cherry and azalea blossom. Walkways and trails lead to the park's main scenic spots, and offer ideal hiking for a couple of hours or a full day. Mayor scenic spots have picnic and recreation areas. The park's wildlife consists of amphibians, birds, butterflies, mammals (including monkeys), and reptiles. The Mt. Tatun-Mt. Chihsing area is the park's best location for bird and butterfly watching.

More than 40 years after its founding, Yangmingshan Park continues to charm visitors with its natural beauty and panoramic views of surrounding Chihsing, Shamao, Chutzu, and Chungcheng Mountains. The 61-hectare park occupies a small part of Yangmingshan National Park, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in diversity of flora and fauna. Hundreds of different kinds of flowers grow here, drawing crowds of visitors during the blooming season. Other attractions include a pond, a bridge with a stone inscription by Wang Yang-ming (after whom the park is named), groves of plum blossoms, and an eye-catching fountain. The park also contains a memorial to the 1911 Revolution and Taiwan's retrocession, Lungfeng Valley, steaming sulphur springs, and a roaring waterfall.

The current exchange rate is 1 US dollar to about 35 NT (New Taiwan currency), varying according to the market.

Traffic (start from Academia Sinica)

  1. By bus: From Academia Sinica take bus No. 620 to Fu-Lin Elementary school (bus fare is NT$30) and transfer No. 260 or Red 5 to Yangmingshan (bus fare is NT$15).
  2. By MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit, subway): From Academia Sinica take bus No. 212, 270 or Blue 25 to Kunyang Station (bus fare is NT$15). And transfer MRT to Chienten Station (MRT fare is NT$35), then transfer bus Red 5 to Yangmingshan (bus fare is NT$15).

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