Food & Restaurants

The current exchange rate is 1 US dollar to about 35 NT (New Taiwan currency), varying according to the market.


Academia Sinica General Store 福利社

To get to the Academia Sinica General Store, take the stairs to the right of the post office. The store carries packaged food items (crackers, instant noodles, juice) and daily necessities (toilet paper, toothpaste etc.).
"This is a cooperative, meaning that you can buy shares in the store (starting at around 1000NT) which entitle you to a percentage of the profits at the end of the year. Technically, the store is only for members, but in practice, anyone can shop there. The staff are friendly and the prices are reasonable, even cheaper than those in regular markets. This is an ecologically-minded store, so bring your own bags."

Ling-yun Supermarket 凌雲超市

Follow the stream that runs through Academia Sinica south (when facing the Activities Center, turn left). After about a fifteen minute walk, you come to a street with a supermarket on the left. Ling-yun carries vegetables, fruit and other foodstuffs.


Go out the main gate, cross the street and walk by the statue. Go straight up Chiu-chuang Road so that the park is on your right. Wellcome is about a ten minute walk up, before the freeway. (Chiu-chuang is the road that branches off of Academia Sinica Road. See map (though the name Chiu-chuang does not appear on the map).) Not as much variety as Ling-yun and poorly staffed."

Ta-feng Supermarket 大峰超市

Near the corner of YanjiuYuan Rd. and Chung-hsiao E. Rd. (the 270 and 212 go right past it).
Large 4-story supermarket. Food on the first floor. Other floors sell clothing, hardware, appliances, bedding etc.
"Very crowded on the weekends and, since it has no windows, rather suffocating. Don't let the rundown look of the place fool you--the prices are not particularly cheap. Still, this is the most convenient place in the area to get basic necessities (electric fans, tape-recorders, socks etc)."

Restaurants (near Academia Sinica)

Activities Center

Self-serve cafeteria. This area is especially for employees of Academia Sinica, and you must have a special identification card to enter. If you do not already have a card, ask your institute how to get one.
"The food is extremely cheap. The metal trays and noise make for an unpleasant atmosphere. If you are a vegetarian, you will find little to eat here. 
Restaurant (next door to the cafeteria, with smaller tables on one side and larger tables across the hall).
"The food here is more expensive, but noticeably better than in the cafeteria. Vegetarians can order vegetarian noodles or vegetarian fried rice, though even these dishes are cooked in the same pots used for meat. 

T-Life Cafe

The restaurant is located beside the Activity Center.  It has healthy and delicious salad bar and provides all kinds of Italian food daily.  Although the price is a little bit high, we can enjoy the delicious food and romantic atmosphere.

Vegetarian Self-serve

Go out the main gate and turn right. Pass by the school (on your left) and cross the street. The vegetarian self-service restaurant is on your left.
"The prices are reasonable, and the owner is friendly and trustworthy (no need to worry about meat products mixed with the vegetables). Like most self-serve places, price is based on weight. The prices are reasonable, but the food is heavy and, well, not very tasty. Notice that Chinese vegetarianism prohibits the use of garlic and onions, and relies heavily on substitute meats. Several people I know ate there frequently immediately after arriving, but eventually grew tired of the dull selection of food.

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